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Why Choose Linkind?
What we aim to do is:
To simplify the way of living.

Linkind – Link Up With Your Home.

Everyone at Linkind put our heart into developing different smart home products and we aim to offer a modern, classy yet simple lifestyle for you.

We share the passion for life and want to provide you with an improved home experience.

Our philosophy is “Don’t settle for anything less than the best”.

Our company name is Shenzhen Lingkai Technology Co., Ltd.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Imagine a society where we will have more connected devices than people living on the planet. In the immediate future year 2025, more than 24.9 billion Internet of Things (IoT) connections* are forecasted compared to the estimated human population of 8.1 billion people.
How are we going to connect all these devices in general, to each other and manage all of these devices seamlessly?

Linkind has smart solutions to help you make it easy to connect and deploy devices.

For instance, a hotel, in our smart system, can Implement IoT sensors and circuitry to switch electrical systems, such as lights and air conditioners, on or off automatically, to save power.

It's time for

Linkind smart home setups include an entire network of intelligent devices, allowing you to effortlessly monitor and control any aspect of your house whether you’re home or away.

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Date Safety First
Linkind knows what is your most worried. The access to your data is protected at the highest level - through the WAF and Anti-DDoS systems, encrypted communication using the TLS protocol and passwords using bcrypt.
Your Home Security
Linkind make sure to care for your personal security, as well as instances of fire, flooding, burglary. It also assists children, the elderly and people with limited mobility with everyday life things.
Energy-efficient Living
Our devices allow you to monitor the amount of electricity used by home devices. This way you can easily identify which pieces of hardware keep on bumping up your bills. You can also program the system to help you make the most of the savings.
Remote Access From Anywhere
Check the status of your devices and control your home from anywhere in the world. Simple to install and use. Discover how it feels to finally have time for the things that matter most.
Linkind Smart Home Devices Work With

Linkind isn’t an island unto itself. It’s part of a larger ecosystem of 3rd party devices and services.

Linkind Smart devices work with amazon alexa
Linkind Smart devices work with google assistant
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Start from since
We're a link between you and home,
a guide leads you into smart life.
A Light Manufacturer
We produce lights for world-renowned companies.
Stay Ahead
We set up R&D departments commit substantial capital to the effort. Through R&D, we design new products and improve our existing offerings to make us stay ahead of our competition companies.
Worldwide Selling
We hope more people can enjoy our quantity products and make their life better.
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