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The Automatic


Coffee Maker


Fresher, Richer,

Bolder Coffee

With Aroma by Linkind, all the difficulties of pour-over coffee are handled automatically. Now, you can achieve the American Coffee Association’s “Golden Cup Standard” with a breeze. Never sacrifice quality for convenience again.

No wait around

No uneven pour

No mess

No paper filter

No scale needed for accurate measurement

No miscalculated water to coffee ratio

The Perfect Pour-Over

Without The Fuss


Pour Over


Simulating a skilled barista pour

over and simplifies your routine


Coffee Extraction


Precise timing and water to coffee ratio delivers impressive consistency and handcrafted flavor




Wire mesh filter.

No paper filters needed

Food Grade

Certified Materials


Built with the same safe materials

used in Baby Feeding Products

Sturdy, Compact,

and Portable


Shatterproof material. Bring extraordinary coffee with you anywhere




Simply, rinse and set aside.

It's that easy!


easy is it?


Just turn the brewer on and it will do the pour over for you. All you have to do is sit back and relax.

Even is Everything


Two rotating streams agitate the grounds during the pour. This causes even saturation and extraction, making every sip the best sip.

Full Flavor,

No Paper.


The reusable dripper uses an extra fine mesh filter to maintain the coffee's natural oil, leaving nothing but a rich, aromatic taste in your cup.




Enjoy a fresh, cafe-quality cup of coffee whenever you want, even when you're traveling. Battery operated, 2 AAA's make around 100 cups.

Become your new favorite Barista in no time.

Trust us,

you’ll want

this perfect

cup of coffee.