Advantages of Outdoor Solar Lights Can Not Be Ignored

outdoor solar lights

You must be seeing these outdoor solar lights all over road or advertisements and wondering how this product works and whether it’s a good investment or not. Well, these lights contain solar panels which absorb solar energy during the day. This is done through the solar cells present in them which then convert this energy into electricity that is stored inside the battery present within these solar lights. This electricity is then consumed to turn on the LED light during nighttime. LED’s are preferred in solar lights as they need very little electricity to glow for a longer time. We will further discuss some benefits of outdoor solar lights available in the market for you to pick your best solar lights

Benefits of Outdoor Solar lights

1. Environment-Friendly 

We can safely say that solar energy is a renewable energy source which means it is replenished by nature itself. Such energies have a lesser chance of leaving a carbon footprint and overall prevent climate change global warming which has become a constant worry in all our minds. These outdoor solar lights do not need to be connected to any energy source and they just get charged throughout the day through sunlight and then use that heat at night to glow to their fullest potential. This makes it not only environment friendly but also makes it very convenient for us by being light on our pockets. This makes us become much more aware of the environment and do our part for the atmosphere we live in and make it a safer place for generations to come. Moreover LED lights are built to consume less energy which makes them far more efficient than any other bulbs or tube lights that we often see in our driveways and gardens.

2. Low Maintenance Cost

In the continuation of talking about LED lights, we should also mention that they have a longer lifespan than normal light bulbs. Most LED lights have a warranty of almost ten years which means you won’t have to replace them every 4 to 5 months and even then not be fully satisfied with their working. This is thanks to the materials they are made of which are eco-friendly and bio-degradable lessening the number of carbon gases we are constantly releasing into the environment. 

Another maintenance benefit is that solar outdoor lights do not need any digging or wiring to be installed and you can simply screw them into the walls without locating wires and installing them in inconvenient places. This also prevents you from spending money on electricians and wall repairmen for routine maintenance. 

The best part is that you can install them yourselves and have no need to call upon the services of an electrician which effectively brings down your total cost of arranging lights for your driveway or garden.

3. Safety

Another sizeable benefit is the safety aspect of solar light. The first one is thanks to the motion sensors present in them. They detect even the smallest motion which effectively reduces the number of burglaries and theft cases which are increasing day by day. The lights come on when someone with the wrong intention comes close to the house so you can be alerted. Some solar lights also include a security system where security personnel will check the exterior of your house through cameras when a light is turned on late at night. 

The second one is that as there is no electrical wiring involved, there is a lesser chance of a short circuit and a life hazard. It is a safe option for preventing such mishaps from happening to also preserve the aesthetic of the home’s exterior. 

Hence in terms of safety as well this will prove to be a dependable option for you. 

4. Multiple Methods of Installation 

Moving on to installation methods and areas, again solar lights prove to be up to the mark. According to your taste and style, you can install these lights anywhere you like. Most people have them lined along their driveway. Some people have them right beside their door and some in their garden. As it is an easy attachment with no need to dig out wiring and you have to simply use a screw to fix it wherever you want, it becomes very handy and easy. The only catch is that it should not be a shaded place and the solar panel should be directly in the view of sunlight where it can absorb the maximum power and convert it into current most efficiently. It does not reduce the financial strain on you but is designed to be the most convenient light you have ever owned.

5. Multi-colored

In terms of the color of the light, you have the usual white light which is the normal form and is readily available in the market but you can also get multi-colored solar outdoor lights. The only difference will be in the LED of these solar lights which have color chips present in them that give out the beautiful shades as per your liking. Further two options are available in the colored LED’s

  • RGB Solar lights contain red, green, and blue chips. In these lights, these three colors are mixed in various proportions to provide you with a wide array of colors and are good if you want them for a more decorative purpose on outdoor events or just for the aesthetic. They provide a good range of colors, but they are not as bright as pure white light and for that, there is the other type of LED.
  • RGBW solar lights contain a white chip along with the standard red, green and blue ones. What the white chip does is just enhance the brightness of existing colors as well as provide a sparkling white light. These can be used if you need a light for work outside or need better lighting for some other purpose.

Hence you can choose the one according to your need and get colored light options as well in outdoor solar lights.

6. Fashion Design

These solar lights are also available in different shapes and sizes. In terms of size and design, we have innumerable options and you can select the ones most suitable to your taste. 

  • There are compact solar outdoor lights that are small and don’t take a whole lot of space and similarly, you can have big solar lights as well if the area you live in gets a lot of good sunlight. 
  • Many different designs are also available which you can select based on the area you want the light to be pointing at, straight ahead, downwards, or in any other direction.
  • The number of lights is also customizable and you can get one or as many as lights you want for the much-needed effect of festivity during the holidays.
  • An example of design versatility you can take a look at linking outdoor solar lights which look like a wall-e robot which you can choose if you are a robot or tech-fanatic. It gives you two lights and they are great at being placed along the driveway or screwing in the wall.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, solar lights are great investments for both indoor and outdoor spaces for a clean, environment-friendly, and economical experience. If you want to get rid of the constant hustle of changing bulbs and paying people sums of money for repairmen, then you should instantly order some solar lights and start on your journey of helping the world become a cleaner place.

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