10 Solar Christmas Lights for Your Unforgettable Christmas

Solar Christmas Lights

Christmas is the most important and wonderful season of all. The whimsical view of the snowflakes under the sparkling lights that adorn the Christmas tree adds colors, beauty, and magic to it; all this adds to the beauty of the event. You might want to go green, economical to enjoy a hassle-free holiday; the ideal way is to install water-resistant and durable solar Christmas lights. These lights being energy-efficient and cost-effective, come in various colors and styles from snowflakes to novelty stars. These outdoor solar Christmas lights prove to be an amazing substitute for the traditional lights if you want to avoid the problem of running wires to outlets.

Consideration of Solar Christmas Lights

Almost all solar powered Christmas lights are waterproof LEDs, with the optimum product being the IP65. Some manufacturers listed the type of solar panel as either monocrystalline, made from one piece of silicon, or polycrystalline, which is less efficient. However, the efficiency of the solar lights depends upon the time a solar outdoor Christmas light takes for charging and on the number of hours for which the light stays on because the time listed by the manufacturers is usually measured at the optimal conditions. At the same time, the efficiency decreases in a day with cloud coverage and winters.

Many solar powered Christmas lights come with a stake and a rod for installation into the ground. Some manufacturers also provide the option of mounting the panel in a shady area.

To mix up your display and create a required lighting view, you can choose from the different lighting modes and a variety of colors. While purchasing solar outdoor Christmas lights, you should keep some points in mind that are as under.

  • Charging time of the solar Christmas lights
  • Working time
  • Waterproof rating
  • Automatic turn on/ off feature.
  • Light style
  • Light color
  • Light modes
  • Lighted length

10 Selections of Solar Christmas Lights

Linkind 8 Colors RGB and RGBW Solar Outdoor Christmas Lights

Linkind solar powered Christmas lights feature one auto-changing color and one fixed color in both static and dynamic status hence providing amazing color selections, also regarded as color changing solar lights. You only need to short press the button of the linkind light, and it will start displaying the fixed colors that include red, blue, yellow, green, lemon, rainbow, cyan purple, and cool white. However, if you long-press the same button for 2 seconds, the colors will start appearing in a cycling mode.

These lights come with a waterproof rating of IP67 and can withstand terrible climatic conditions. With a rechargeable 18650 lithium battery capacity of 2200 mAh and 16 LED beads, it features much brighter light than others and ensures a long lighting capacity. For example, it can provide the lighting for 6_12 hours when it is fully charged, depending upon your lighting mode.

Hence, these are the best solar lights you can rely on for decorating your garden, flower, trees, and house at the Christmas festival.

Inngree Solar String Snowflake Lights

These wonderful solar lights are a ticket to bring the snowflake lights indoors. With a 20 ft long cord and 30 LEDs spread along the 15 feet of the string, this is an amazing choice to light up at night for more than 10 to 12 hours once it gets fully charged. The string and lights are rated IP65 for water resistance and nasty weather.

These lights automatically get on and off, being sensitive to light. You need to charge it 10 hours daily to get the maximum illumination during the holiday season. These lights come in multi-colors and cool bright colors.

Vmanoo Christmas Decorative Solar Powered Lights

The Vnanoo solar Christmas lights are uniquely designed, and beautiful lights are perfect to light up the patio, deck, Christmas tree, or you can just hang them around your yard and enjoy your holiday season.

The drop shape and colorful lights add to the uniqueness and incredible fun. These light strings contain 30 LEDs that work on eight different modes: waves, sequential, slow-glow, chasing/flash, twinkle/ flash, steady on, slow fade, and combination.

It also features two switches that help you power the light on or off and change the lighting modes. Moreover, these lights also feature an automatic on/off function. In addition, these are water-resistant and can stay on for 8-12 hours.                   

Joomer Solar String Lights

The joomer Christmas solar lights are budget-friendly items perfect for outdoor or indoor usage. They contain a solar panel on a stake and are easy to install. Moreover, these lights also come with an automatic turn on and off. You just need to switch your lights on and place them in the direction of solar radiation. In addition, these lights come in 8 different modes and feature memory functions and remember your last setting. With an IP rating of IP65, they are waterproof, durable, and easy to install. Its string is 72 feet long, and its first LED is placed at 6 feet from the solar panel. They also come in different color options and are budget-friendly.

Outdoor Fair String Light

If you want to go for some untraditional option, then this bendable string of light can be a winning choice. They feature two flashing and steady settings and come in several color options that include blue, white, warm white, and multi-color. These light ropes are best to light up your social gatherings and parties at Halloween or Christmas.

You only need to wrap the string of light around the poles, trees, and bushes, etc. They have the power to run for 8 hours continuously and are also light-sensitive, which means that they automatically turn on/off. This 33 feet long rope contains 100 LEDs, and the IP64 rating makes it highly durable in extreme weather conditions.

Skyfire Solar Powered Trinkle Fairy Lights

This multi-strand twisted traditional light string contains ten strands and bears more than 200 waterproof LED lights. The lights give an impression of a waterfall if positioned accurately. Hence, these make a perfect option for a party and reception decoration. Spreading downward like a cascade, these are perfect to place over the stack of the trunk. These solar powered Christmas lights are IP65, highly durable, and can bear intense climatic conditions. Its backup battery of 600 mAh allows it to illuminate for 6 hours and features two lighting modes flashing or steady, and also comes in a variety of color options.

Balance Bubble Crystal Ball Light String

These crystal ball solar lights are attractive while bearing large, bright, and enchanting lights, perfect for parties, Halloween or Christmas. With a 20 feet long string, it contains 30 LED lights. The balls are waterproof and can continuously light up for 8 hours after full charging. Its long string ensures that you can easily keep the solar panel safe and out of sight. It features automatic on/off light because it is light-sensitive.

Its battery is easy to replace and also easy to install. It comes in various color options, including multi-color, purple, blue, pink, white, and warm white.

Vmanoo Outdoor Tube Meteor Shower Rain Lights

This tube-type Christmas light is not common, but the drip of this meteor shower instantly catches the eye. Hence, if you are looking for a unique option, you should pick this one out. A set comes with eight tube lights, each having 36 LEDs inside it that cascade a drip motion, totaling up to 288 lights.

These solar-powered lights can start the meteor shower at any place. These are waterproof, dustproof, and great to hang on trees and walls. These come in several color options: multi-color, white, warm white, and blue.

Windpnn Solar Star String Lights

These star-shaped solar string lights are worth considering if you are looking for solar outdoor Christmas lights. You can place these whimsical lights over a tree, fenceline, bush, or something else to add to the charm of a fairy tale. Hence, these are perfect for weddings, parties, Christmas, or Halloween to add a fanciful charm.

It features a 30-foot string and contains 50 LED lights. These lights are durable and feature automatic dusk to dawn on/offsetting. Being IP65, these can withstand intense weather and have the capacity to light up for almost 10 hours once charged fully. It comes in warm white and cold white colors.

Skyfire Honeybee Light String

These honey bee-shaped fun lights are a sight pleasure. To any party, they can add amazing fun and flavor. A string contains 30 honey bee LED lights and have the capacity to illuminate the surrounding for almost 10 hours, once fully charged.

So, what awaits you to add charm to your holidays through these amazing solar Christmas lights.

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