Solar Power Pros and Cons

Solar Power Pros and Cons

Solar power pros and cons has been a hot topic among people while so many solar power products like solar lights are being used.  For instance, Solar panels are now available for home use and anyone can set them up on their rooftop. With these panels there is no need for monthly bills, but does that mean you should run out and purchase a solar panel.

There are a few pros and cons to using a solar power system in your home. Some of those benefits might make it worthwhile while others will leave you thinking the process is pointless. First, let’s talk about what makes this energy source so great.

Part 1 : Solar Power Pros

Easy to Install

Solar panels are incredibly easy to install. Anyone can do it. You don’t need to be an electrician or a plumber, anyone with the funds and the time can set up these panels. All that is required is that you purchase them along with some extra materials. These panels will last you for years so they are definitely worth the money you put out.

No Monthly Bills

When it comes to energy bills these days most people have a hard time trying to keep on top of what they owe each month. Sometimes the bills are too high and other times they just don’t show up. Regardless of that though, if you were to purchase a solar panel system for your home you would never have to worry about an energy bill again. You can save that money and use it for other things in life.

Plenty of Energy

With the sun up in the sky all day every day there is no uncertainty when it comes to availability. Unlike coal or oil, you will never run out of solar energy since it is constantly being produced. As long as there is sunlight there will be power to use.

Almost Zero Maintenance

After you purchase the panels, that is about all the maintenance they will require. No more climbing up and down your roof to clean them off or anything like that. These systems will produce for decades without any upkeep necessary on your end.

Property Value

Many people will not purchase a home that doesn’t have some sort of access to power. Electricity is just as important to most people as water and grocery stores. With solar panels, you can be sure you won’t run out of energy, plus your property value will be greater because of it. This is especially the case with Tiny Houses on Wheels or RVs. The sale value for these properties increases when they have an off-grid energy source such as solar panels. 


Solar energy is sustainable and good for the environment. It doesn’t require any mining to produce, you just need sunlight and a few panels. There are no fumes emitted either so it is better than traditional sources of energy that pollute the air we breathe.

Energy Independence

Imagine having a yearly output of over 100% – that means every year those solar panels would give you more electricity than they take to run. That makes your energy independent, which has been the dream for many people around the world.

Part 2: Solar Power Cons

Solar panels are certainly one of the best sources for obtaining energy these days, however, they do come with some downsides that most people forget about. Here are some cons for using solar power in your home:

Poor Performance during Winter Months

If you live in an area that experiences cold winters then this is certainly a concern for you. During the winter months, there isn’t enough sunlight shining in your area and these panels simply will not work. Not only that but if it snows and covers your solar panels then they cannot receive any power at all until the snow melts away.

Higher Initial Cost

Solar panels are certainly a great option for those who want no energy bill, however, these panels come with a hefty price tag. Most people will have to sell their homes and start renting if they want to afford this type of technology. This is not something that everyone can do so many people simply cannot or do not want to purchase solar panels.

Non-existent after Disaster Strikes

If there is ever a natural disaster then chances are that all of those solar panels you purchased will be gone in an instant. When the skies fall dark and the power goes out these simple panels cannot do anything without electricity to back them up. There isn’t any battery storage system included with solar so you will have nothing after this happens.

Requires South-facing Roof

Generally, you will need to have a south-facing roof if you want to get the most power out of your solar panels. This means it must be on the southern side of your home. If this is not possible then there are other options available, but they may cost more money.

Not Enough Sunlight in Some Areas

If your home is located somewhere that doesn’t get a lot of sunlight then this simply won’t work for you. You will need to find another source of power or relocate to an area that does have enough sunlight for solar panels to work.

Not All Roof Configurations Are Suitable

For these panels to work you will need a large flat space to place them on. If your roof is already painted, has a steep pitch, or has a skylight then you may not have the best option for solar installation. 


Now you might have a better understanding about solar power pros and cons. Solar power is certainly one of the best options for powering your home these days. You can have energy bills zero dollars per year, plus you are being more eco-friendly with this choice. There are some downsides to using solar panels but most aren’t all that serious when you look at the plan as a whole.

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