Solar Power: Support of Your Future Life

solar power

Solar Power is one of the best options today with several countries running their whole electricity grids with it. No one can escape the fact that power is essential for our comfortable living. The energy sector has seen a lot of development over the last few decades, but it is still dependent on non-renewable sources like coal and oil. With effects like global warming looming around us, we need to explore renewable sources of energy so that there’s at least a little stability in the future. Therefore, this is what we are going to discuss – solar power.  

How Does Solar Power Work? 

When exposed to sunlight, solar cells generate electricity. The process is based on a physical property called the photovoltaic effect. When photons of visible light or ultraviolet rays fall on these panels, an electric field between positive and negative layers causes electrons to move away from their original positions. This causes an imbalance in voltage, which can be used to generate electricity.

Solar cells are assembled into modules, which are the building blocks of solar panels. Monocrystalline silicon is considered to have the best efficiency, but it is also very expensive and requires more space for the installation of one panel. A new type of cell that was developed recently is the thin-film solar cell, which is cheaper and more efficient. Thin-film panels can be installed in much smaller spaces compared to monocrystalline ones. They offer an average efficiency of 10%.

Is Solar Power as Good as Electricity?  

Solar power systems have several pros and cons. The biggest advantage is that it’s available in abundance (unlike fossil fuels), it takes up very little space, and can’t create pollution like conventional sources of energy. The major disadvantage is the cost of installation, which is still high compared to traditional energy grids. So, which one is better, solar power or grid electricity? The answer is neither! Both are good, and both have their advantages and disadvantages. It’s up to you to choose which one you would like to rely on more.

Benefits of solar power over grid electricity

Solar power is much less expensive than electricity from the grid. It’s also more reliable because it’s not dependent on factors like weather conditions, unlike grid electricity which requires constant maintenance and monitoring. If you have a tiny house on Wheels, solar power is the best option. 

Benefits of grid electricity over solar power

The biggest advantage of grid electricity is that you don’t have to bother about the installation cost. You can get ready-made houses, complete with wiring and all other facilities for a cheaper price than building an entire house from scratch. Grid electricity is also more efficient in handling peak summer or winter seasons when there is a sudden increase in demand.

The efficiency of solar power over grid electricity

Solar panels are generally less efficient than the grid itself, but they get better with newer technologies developed by scientists and researchers. In countries like Japan where there is more sunlight compared to other places, the efficiency rate of solar cells has increased to 18%. As technology improves, this number will only go up.

Solar Power Applications

There are several ways that solar power can be applied around your house. One of which is to create an off-grid home that runs completely on solar power. 

Solar power for electric fence

One of its most significant uses is in powering electric fence, which is used to keep animals and intruders away. It makes use of a solar power charger that charges a high voltage wire and keeps it running all day and night. 

Solar Power for Backup power

Solar panels are usually used in conjunction with batteries to power backup systems. You can use these setups if you have a house on Wheels and travel from place to place, or you simply want the peace of mind that your appliances will work during a blackout.

Solar Power for off-grid use

RVs and Tiny Houses on wheels are a thing of the present. If you are one of the owners, you would look for an off-grid power option which in this case is solar panels. 

Solar Power for Home appliances

Are you annoyed about losing power during load shedding? Install some solar panels on your roof and make use of its free energy source to light up your home while the rest of the people suffer in the darkness.  That is why solar power system is becoming more popular nowadays.

Solar Power for Street lights

If your town or city has a lot of dark alleys and roads, it would be a good idea to install solar-powered street lights so that people can have some security while walking home from work or school.

Products of Solar Power  

You can convert your entire house into a solar power plant and make use of the free energy source to power appliances and charging systems. Here are some main solar power products that are needed when installing solar panels. 

Energy saving Solar Lights 

If you are planning on using solar power in your house, then these compact and energy saving lights would be the best choice. They run all night without requiring any maintenance or replacement costs, and wouldn’t add to your electricity bill at all.

Solar Power Charger

Solar Power Charger is needed to bank up the power for use during the night. It provides you with an uninterrupted power supply for your appliances and does not cost anything at all.

Solar Power energy converter 

Whether it’s wind turbines or solar panels, these devices will turn free power into usable energy that can be stored in the battery of your solar power bank. 

Solar Power Batteries   

These devices store large amounts of solar power and convert it into a usable form for appliances.

Solar Power Inverters   

The inverter is needed to change DC from the batteries into AC that can be used by your appliances.  

Solar Calculator

Using the solar calculator, you can calculate how many panels are needed to power your appliances. Solar Power Calculator is a very useful tool for estimating how much panel surface will be required to produce around 5000 kWh of electricity per year. 

In The End

In conclusion, solar power is the future of energy, and it proved again and again by several scientists that it has significant positive externalities on our environment. It can be used to produce electricity for your house, cars, backup systems, and many more things. This post provided you with all the necessary information regarding this topic and we hope the information helped you.

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