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  • ◉One Button Three Functions: It is a small remote control to turn on, off and dim Linkind Zigbee lights(required and sold separately), with a wider range of working area(40m open space) than ordinary IR remote control. Lithium battery included.
  • ◉Better Replacement for Smart Switch: No need to deal with the complicated electrical wires as you use a smart switch. It is wireless and can be paired with up to 20 Linkind Zigbee lights and control them at the same time.
  • ◉Handy Design: Compact round size(diameter:4.7cm), easy to carry and perform wireless control around the house. It is able to stick to any magnetic surface like fridge door, or be mounted on the wall with the bracket included.
  • ◉Easy to Set Up: A Linkind Zigbee Smart Light is required. If no hub available, pair the 1-Key Remote Control directly with Linkind Zigbee lights within minutes. If a Linkind Zigbee hub already exists, add the 1-Key on Linkind APP to done the connection.
  • ◉Convenient Dimming: Press any place of the button to turn on or off the connected lights. Keep press the button to dim or brighten the lights smoothly.

1-Key Remote Control, Wireless Smart Dimmer Switch for Smart Lights

SKU: ZS230001-IE-V1A02
  • Don’t want to reach the switch to turn on/ off the lights?
    Find it difficult to install a smart switch?
    Maybe Linkind I-Key Remote Control could be a good choice. But make sure you
    already have Linkind Zigbee lights at home.

    Pair this little round button with your Linkind Zigbee lights, you’re able to turn on/off and dim
    them around the house with the button at hand.

    Diameter: 4.7cm
    Height: 1.7 cm

    Package includes:
    Remote Control x 1
    Bracket x 1
    Mounting Screw Sets x 1

    How to Install it?
    Option 1: Screw in in the holes(l) to fix the the bracket on the wall
    or other firm surface demanding the thickness of more than 25mm.
    Option 2: Peel the 3M adhesive tapes(m) and attach the bracket to the wall
    or other firm surface as you like.

    How to pair it with the smart lights?Step 1: Remove the plastic partition.
    Step 2: Turn on the Zigbee compatible smart light and take the remote control close within 10cm.
    Keep pressing the ON/OFF/Dimming button and the reset button
    at the same time for 3 seconds at least. The indicator will blink once a second.
    Step 3: When the remote control discover the light and the indicator will stop flashing
    and will be on for 3 seconds. Then the link is done.

    How to control the smart lights with the 1-Key control?
    Press the ON/OFF button(b) to turn the light ON or OFF.
    Keep pressing: dim the light to max/min. brightness smoothly.