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  • [REQUIREMENT FOR USE]: The pack is the accessory of Linkind Home Security System. Must be equipped with Linkind Siren Hub(in Security Kit) or Linkind Mini Hub to get it work: Siren Hub for home alarm system and smart lighting, Mini Hub only for smart lighting. Connected devices sold separately.
  • [WIRELESS DOOR WINDOW GUARD]: Get the sensor connected with Linkind Siren Hub(sold separately), it is able to detect unexpected break-in of your door or window, sending real-time alert to your Linkind APP and trigger the siren hub to sound high-pitched alarm. “Open”&”close” status will be recorded in real time on the APP.
  • [AUTOMATION WITH LINKIND SMART LIGHTS]: Want the light be switched on when you open the door back from work in the evening? Set up the sensor with Linkind Zigbee Lights(sold separately and hub required), explore more automation on Linkind APP.
  • [EASY SETUP AND ANTI-TAMPER]: Adhesive tape and mounting bracket available for easy installation. The anti-tamper design will alert you through the APP if intentional removal of the device occurs.
  • [BATTERY INCLUDED]: The lithium battery is included and replaceable. It has a battery life of up to 2 years. The indicator of the sensor or the APP will indicate you if the device is in low battery.

Door Window Sensor, Zigbee, for Use with Linkind Smart Device

SKU: ZS1100500-IN-V1A02
  • Linkind Zigbee Door/Window Sensor, a member of Linkind Smart Home Family. It can be used to
    expand the working range of Linkind Home Security System, or coordinate with Linkind Zigbee
    Lights(hub required), to create automation in lighting.
    (Indoor Use Only and Connected Devices Sold Separately)
    - Sensor+ Linkind Home Security System
    [Protect Your Home]- No need to plug in any wire. Attach it on your door or window. It will scare
    off an intruder by triggering the Siren hub to sound if the door/window was forced open. The
    alert will be sent to your phone immediately.
    [Keep Your Collection Untouched]- Fed up with the annoying touch from somebody else to your
    favorite collection of books, wines, toys or jewelries etc, especially when you’re away? Place the
    sensor on the cabinets or drawers where they are stored.

    - Sensor+Linkind Zigbee Smart Lights+Linkind Hub
    [Automatic Lighting]- Linkind Zigbee lights and hub are needed. Come back
    home from work in the evening, open the door, the light welcomes you by turning on
    automatically. Leave the house for work in the morning, close the door, the lights shut off
    at the same time. No need to check and turn off one by one.

    -Sensor + Linkind Hub
    [Monitor in Silence]- Linkind APP not only shows you the real-time status of the sensor:
    Open/Close/Offline, but records the history of the “open” and “close” actions. If you want to
    monitor a place or cabinet in silence, pair the sensor with a Linkind Mini hub would be a solution
    to caught someone red-handed.

    Adhesive tape and mounting bracket are included for easy installation.
    1.The magnet must locate groove to groove with the sensor.
    2. Make sure the gap between the sensor and the magnet is within 0.8 inch.
    3.The bracket should be put in place on the back of the sensor during the usage.