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  • 1, Risk Free with Waterless Auto Shut-off and Timer: Our essential oil diffuser features four working timer settings for 1H/3H/6H/continuous on. You don’t have to worry about safety when time is up or there is no water as it will turn off automatically, no risk of burns or dangers.
  • 2, Ultrasonic Technology & Mist Control: Use advanced ultrasonic technology so the natural essential oils are never destroyed. It features a 350ml-water tank. Mist output can be controlled in two ways including strong and weak modes.
  • 3, 7 Colors Changing LED Lights Make You Relaxed: There are 7 options for you to change the LED light colors so you can enjoy wonderful environment together with aroma diffusing mist.
  • 4, Romantic Nightlight to Light up Your Life: This beautiful essential oil diffuser can be also used as a nightlight. Besides colorful lights, it could also provide a large amount of fresh and good-smell air.
  • 5, Splendid Gift for Everyone: No idea what kind of presents to buy for your beloved ones? This aroma essential oil diffuser is a thoughtful and handy present, which is a combination of fashion style, elegant design and multi-functions.

Essential Oil Diffuser Nightlight Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

  • Description
    ◉With multi-functions, Linkind Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser serves as an essential oil diffuser,
    cool mist humidifier, nightlight and perfect gift as well.
    ◉Just add 350ml of water and a few drops of your favorite essential oil, it makes your home
    smell better and provides fresh air by releasing soothing fragrant mist.
    ◉Advanced ultrasonic technology so that the natural essential oils are never destroyed.
    ◉4 timer settings for 1H/3H/6H/continuous on are available.
    ◉The unit will work for 15h and 8h under weak mist mode and strong mist mode respectively.
    ◉7 colors changing LED lights provide you with pleasant environment and waterless auto shut-off ensures your safety.

    Package includes
    1 x 350ml Aroma Diffuser
    1 x Charger Adapter
    1 x User Manual

    1. The lid should be covered on the main unit while working. Do not exceed the Max line when filling water.
    2. The intensity of the mist may vary a little while working, which is a normal phenomenon, and should not be considered as a fault.
    3. If the diffuser is not in use, drain the water off the tank and store it under dry condition.
    4. If turning on the unit with no water in the tank, it will make 3 short beeps and auto-shut off to protect the unit. The unit does not work with no water.
    5. Please use 100% pure essential oil to prevent the unit from damage.

  • Power (input/output): AC100-240V 50.60HZ / DC 24V 650MA
    Length of cord: Approx 150cm
    Electric consumption: Approx 9W
    Water tank capacity: 350ML
    Materials : ABS+PP
    Method of mist production: ultrasonic vibration at approx 2.4MHz