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  • [REQUIREMENT FOR USE]: The sensor is the accessory of Linkind Home Security System. Must be equipped with Linkind Siren Hub(in Security Kit) or Linkind Mini Hub to get it work: Siren Hub for home alarm system and smart lighting, Mini Hub only for smart lighting. Connected devices sold separately.
  • [SENSING CAPABILITY]: Monitor the movements in a width of 110°, a range of 16 feet(without obstructing objects). Send alerts to Linkind APP and trigger the Siren Hub(sold separately) to sound deterrent alarm once the motion is detected. Will not disturb the signals around.
  • [AUTOMATIC LIGHTING]: Combine the motion sensor with Linkind Zigbee Lights(sold separately and hub required), make your lights turn on automatically when you enter the room, or turn off when everyone leave. So much more to be explored on Linkind APP.
  • [COMPACT AND EASY TO INSTALL]: Extremely space-saving and unobtrusive to be placed on the wall. Adhesive tape and mounting bracket available for easy installation. Needed to be placed 8-9 feet off the floor for better detection.
  • [ANTI-TAMPER DESIGN AND BATTERY]:The sensor features an anti-tamper alert on the APP if intentional removal of the device occurs. 3V replaceable lithium battery is included and has a lifespan of up to 2 years. Remember to pull out the plastic partition before use.

PIR Motion Sensor, Wireless Motion Detector, Zigbee, for DIY Use with Link Hub

SKU: ZS1100400-IN-V1A02
  • Linkind PIR Motion Sensor, a member of Linkind Smart Home Family. It is able to be paired with
    compatible Linkind Zigbee devices to do something fun and innovative.

    1. Wide 110° and 16 feet detection range
    2. Sense the movement in the field of view, trigger alert to your APP and record it in the log
    3. Passive infrared sensor, detect but not emit infrared radiation, not disturbing signals around
    4. Compact and wireless, small enough to be hold on your palm. Remain inconspicuous when installed

    (Indoor Use Only)
    NOTE:Under all circumstances, a Linkind hub is needed(not included) to get the motion sensor
    work. Connected devices sold separately.
    - Motion Sensor Alone
    [Record Unexpected Presence]- Put the motion sensor in a place where you want to monitor
    unexpected approaching quietly. You can receive the alert or check the log on the APP.
    - Motion Sensor + Linkind Home Security System
    [Security Alarm]- Protect your house and deter intruders by triggering the Siren Hub(sold
    separately) to sound high-pitched alarm once any presence is detected.
    - Motion Sensor + Linkind Zigbee Smart Lights
    [Automatic Lighting]- Install the sensor and Zigbee lights(hub required) in the hallway, garage etc,
    pair them together on the APP, then you’re able to get the lights auto-on when you walk in, let
    them shut off automatically when no one is in front.
    More automation to be expected.
    - The bracket should be put in place on the back of the sensor during the usage.
    - The sensor should be placed at a height of 8-9ft. above the floor for best coverage.
    - There should be no large obstructions in front of the sensor.
    - The sensor should not be installed in locations where there may be wide temperature changes
    such as near air conditioners, fans, refrigerators,or ovens/ranges.