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  • ➜CONTEMPORARY LOOK-- Grace your desk with smooth round shape in white. It consists of a stable round base featuring a touch control panel and an indicating buzzer, a sturdy metal arm and a large lamp head both flexible to pivot sufficient light to a wide area at different angles.
  • ➜AUTO BRIGHTNESS ADJUSTMENT-- With a light sensor on the base, in “Auto” mode it is able to auto-adjust the brightness to the best depending on the ambient light levels(beeps twice-on, beeps once-off). Prevent exposing your eyes to over-bright lighting, reduce eye fatigue.
  • ➜VERSATILE FUNCTIONS-- 7 levels of brightness to adjust for different occasions you need by sliding on the bar; Set a 45-min timer to remind you to work in regular intervals or to turn off automatically in case you doze off; Remember the last setting when turn on again.
  • ➜CLOSE TO NATURAL LIGHT-- 4000K, crisp white light with CRI rating over 98, represent true colors of items, suitable for focused reading, studying and working. Specially-built light guide plate make the light more gentle on the eyes: soft, diffused and non-glaring.
  • ➜UNIQUE NIGHT LIGHT DESIGN-- Not located conventionally at the top or the side of the lamp, but concealed in the bottom, forming a beautiful halo around the base. Avoid direct glare to your eyes. Soft light to keep you soothed, not disturb your sleep but sufficient to find path to the bathroom.

Sensor Desk Lamp, Dimmable 19W Round Table Lamp with 7-Level Brightness, 4000k

SKU: L1600101-40-US-V1A12
  • Who will need our desk lamp?
    Book Lover - It would be a perfect thing to read a book you like under even and natural-like light in the quiet evening hours.
    Midnight Oil Burner - Staying up late to prepare for an exam or finish a work, a lamp with eye-protecting feature can effectively reduce the eye strain.
    Those Perform Fine Works - Photo editing, drawing, sewing, designing etc. all require crisp, sufficient and bright light.

    What can we bring you?
    [Illuminate Large Area]: The lamp has a large luminous surface, able to light up a wide space.
    [Choose the Right Brightness for You]: The dimming sensor can auto-adjust to the best setting.
    [Produce Eye-friendly Light]: No LED beads visible, the light is diffused by the light guide plate.
    No flickering and no glaring.
    [Turn off the Lamp Automatically]: The lamp equips with a 45-min timer.
    [Provide “Low-Profile” Nightlight]: Keep the light downward, not shine on your face.

    Why we are special?
    1.RG0 Rated Low Blue Light- You may hear about “blue light” when people talk about smartphone screen.
    It is harmful to our vision. RG0 rating is a level exempt from blue light hazard.
    2.Extremely High CRI- The CRI of this lamp is 98 while that of the sunlight is 100. Close to natural light.
    3.No Flickering- Open your mobile phone camera, aim at the lamp.
    No flicker will be caught.
    4.Durable and Flexible- It has sturdy hinges to rotate and a lamp head flexible to flip to left and right.

    1.Please do not put anything on or over the light sensor(the round item beside the buzzer)
    2.The buzzer works as an indicator. Beeps twice means “on”, beeps once “off”.
    3.To turn on the lamp in complete darkness, fumble from the left of the base to light up the lamp, from the right to switch on the night light.

  • 7-level of brightness

    CRI: ≥98

    Illumination: 2300LUX

    RG0 low blue light