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  • ✓[EFFECTIVE SECURITY SYSTEM FOR STARTER]: Sends push alerts to your phone, meanwhile, sounds an alarm up to 110dB in 4 optional levels(High, Medium, Low and Mute) as deterrent when doors or windows open or motion is detected.
  • ✓[4 SECURITY MODES]: Arm Away-activate all sensors; Arm Stay- activate selected sensors; Disarm- disable sensors; SOS- Sound loud alarm to the MAX if emergency happens by tap “SOS” on the APP or long press it for 3s on the keypad. Easily switch among them on Linkind APP(no code needed) or the keypad(PIN code needed to be entered).
  • ✓[EXPANDABLE WITH THE SIREN HUB]: up to 50 Linkind security accessories or smart products can be paired with the hub. Expand your security system or smart space with more smart devices. A start to pave your way to a smart home system.
  • ✓[EASY SETUP]: Components come pre-programmed as a kit, super easy to add it on the FREE Linkind APP by following the on-screen instructions. Two options to mount on the wall: with screws or adhesive back.
  • ✓[KIT INCLUDE]: a Siren hub, a key pad, a motion sensor and two door/window sensors. The hub needs to be plugged in a power source. Other parts come with built-in lithium batteries that can last for 2 years.

Smart Home Security System Starter Kit, APP/Keypad Control Alarm System for Home

SKU: ZS1000100-IN-US-V1A02
  • Simple DIY Home Security

    Expandable and Able to Connect to Linkind Smart Devices

    Siren + Hub

    The brain of the whole security system. It manages all the sensors connected and transfers the motion triggers into loud sound(4 volume levels) and push alert to your mobile phone. Deter intruders with a shocking Max of 110 dB alarm. Take care of your house when you’re away.

    Expandable to Larger Range

    The Siren hub is able to be connected with up to 50 Linkind Zigbee devices. That means you can not only add more security accessories to fully equip your house, but explore smart lighting by connecting Linkind Zigbee lights(sold separately).

    Detect Motion in Wide Area

    With a sensing width of 110° and range to 16 feet, the PIR sensor is able to sense the movement of any objects on detection range, and trigger the Siren Hub to alarm and the alert to be pushed to your phone immediately. Unlike infrared sensor, it will not disturb the signals around. Recommended to place it 8-9 feet off the floor.

    Guard Your Door or Window

    Instant alert will be sent to your phone and high-pitched alarm will be sounded by the Siren Hub, if the door or window opens unexpectedly. Intimidate burglars if they tired to break into your house. With the phone on hand, you can monitor the status of your door or window anytime on Linkind APP. Rest assured even you’re not at home.

    Anti-tamper Against Intentional Removal

    All sensors are equipped with a mount bracket, which is a tool for installation, but also a “lock” to switch on/off the anti-tamper button at the back of the device. The anti-tamper button is “off”, if push the bracket along the arrow mark to get it locked with the sensor. It is “on” and will trigger alarm and alert instantly if it is removed.

    Note: Remember to disarm the system before you disassemble the bracket and cover to replace the battery.


    Code-entered Control for Your Family

    Linkind Home Security System can be either controlled via the mobile APP, or the Keypad. The phone is not at hand? Never mind, everything is under control. You and your family member can press the Keypad to arm or disarm the sensors. PIN code(created on the APP) is needed to double-secure the system.

    • Activate Disarm, Arm Stay, Arm Away:Press the button of the mode, enter the code and confirm.
    • SOS Mode: If emergency occurs, hold the red button for 3s, the Siren Hub will sound a Max Alarm to seek a help.

    Double Protection: Siren+ Alert

    Linkind Home Security System acts as a deterrent to stop a burglar from breaking into your house, while keeps you informed the status of all your sensors via the APP. No subscription service is needed. The alarm system still works even the network is down(but alert cannot be sent).

    DIY Installation

    It is a highly personalized system to set up and expand. It’s up to you to set the alarm volume, duration, devices to be included, how long the system will arm itself after you exit or enter your house etc. More accessories can be bought to enlarge the detection range.

    Minimalist Design

    The minimalist design embraces simplicity. All parts of the security kit are downsizing to the minimum to save your space, but not compromising its performance. Ideal to integrate themselves into your house without being obtrusive.

    Glowing in the Darkness

    There is a built-in small sensor at the bottom of the Keypad. It can sense your hands and light up the backlight whey you’re reaching the Keypad. Extremely convenient to use at night or in the darkness, avoiding pressing a wrong button.