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  • ∞[EXPAND YOUR SMART NETWORK]: The Zigbee Mini Hub is able to link up to 32 Linkind Zigbee compatible devices with low power consumption, steady and secure connection. Won’t slow down your WiFi. Support 2.4GHz WiFi only.
  • ∞[AUTOMATE YOUR SMART DEVICES]: The hub gives you control over the connected devices from anywhere, like turn on/off, create scenes for certain occasions, schedule them to work automatically.
  • ∞[ENABLE VOICE CONTROL]: With Linkind Mini Hub, you’re able to talk to Alexa(sold separately) to control connected Linkind Zigbee smart devices(sold separately): LED Bulb A19 DIM/A19 CCT/A19 RGB/BR30 CCT.
  • ∞[COMPACT DESIGN]: Lightweight and extremely small in size, even smaller than your fist. It connects to the router wirelessly. Not space-taking, can be placed on the table or desk, or mounted on the wall.
  • ∞[EASY TO SET UP]: Plug in the hub, download “Linkind” APP(iOS/Android), add the hub in the device list, then add other Linkind device to control it. Complete the setting within minutes.

Zigbee Smart Mini Wireless Hub, For Use with Linkind Zigbee Devices

SKU: ZS1200000-IN-US-V1A02
  • Do you want to become a real master of your house?
    Get a Linkind Smart Mini Hub first. You’re the boss, our hub the right-hand man, and Linkind smart devices the subordinates.
    The hub transmits your order to connected devices and let them execute it without fail.
    The ultimate goal of your team is to build a sweet and smart home.

    Add Up to 32 Linkind Zigbee Devices
    With this hub, you can add as many as 32 Linkind Zigbee Devices in your house, like Linkind Zigbee Smart LED Bulbs A19 DIM/A19 CCT/A19 RGB/BR30 CCT, Linkind 1-Key/5-Key Remote Controls, Linkind Motion Sensors/Door&Window Sensors etc. Build and expand your own “smart team”.

    Download the Only APP in the Ecosystem
    “Linkind” APP is the single and only APP in Linkind’s home automation system. Add the hub and other Linkind Zigbee compatible devices on the APP. You’re free to control these devices on the APP.

    Make Voice Control and Automation Possible
    It is compatible with Alexa, enabling you to voice control the smart devices connected. You can also create your personalized scenes by saving settings for the devices you need, or schedule them to work at pre-set time, like sunset or sunrise time. The Zigbee network will still work
    stably and fast even added with multiple devices.

    Simple to Install
    It takes little space and is small enough to hold in the palm of your hand. You can put it on the desk or mounted on the wall. But make sure the smart devices you want to control is within 40m of the hub. Plug in the hub, follow the on-screen instructions on the APP, finish the setting. It only supports 2.4GHz WiFi network.

  • Input: 100-240V 50/60Hz 0.2A
    Output: +5V 1A
    Operating Range: 130 ft.(40m)
    Protection Degree: IP20
    TA: 0°C~40°C