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Linkind 1-Key Remote Control Wireless for Linkind Zigbee Smart Lights

Linkind Wireless Remote Control is a small remote control to turn on, off and dim Linkind Zigbee lights (REQUIRED and SOLD SEPARATELY), with a wider range of working area (40m open space) than ordinary IR remote control. Lithium battery included.

It is wireless and can be paired with up to 20 Linkind Zigbee lights and control them at the same time.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Linkind 1-Key Remote Control for Linkind Zigbee Smart Lights in your hand
Linkind Wireless Remote Control for Zigbee Lights
Linkind 1-Key Remote Control switch and dimmer in one
Switch & Dimmer in One

Don’t want to reach the switch to turn on/ off the lights? Find it difficult to install a smart switch? Linkind I-Key Remote Control could be your ideal choice. It is both a switch and dimmer but not fixed on the wall.

Easy to set up. If no hub available, pair the 1-Key Remote Control directly with Linkind Zigbee lights within minutes. If a Linkind Zigbee hub already exists, add the 1-Key Remote on Linkind APP to finish the connection.

More Conveniences for You

Pair this little round button with your Linkind Zigbee lights, you’re able to turn on/off. Press any place of the button to turn on or off the connected lights. Keep press the button to dim or brighten the lights smoothly. Convenient for elderly or disabled people.

Height 1.7cm
Diameter 4.7cm
Dimming 1% – 100%
Control Range 40m
Battery Included
ON, OFF, DIM All in one
Compatible Zigbee lights only
Linkind 1-Key Remote Control for Linkind Zigbee Smart Lights up to 20 compatible
Control More than One

1 Remote Control can connect up to 20 compatible Zigbee bulbs can be controlled together. Simply press the button, all lights are on/off for you. Linkind wireless remote control with a wider range of working areas (40m open space) than ordinary IR remote control.

Linkind 1-Key Remote Control for Linkind Zigbee Smart Lights wireless control
Better Replacement for Switch

No need to deal with the complicated electrical wires as you use a smart switch. Lithium battery included lasting for half a year for daily use. Indicator flashes when in low battery.

Linkind 1-Key Remote Control for Linkind Zigbee Smart Lights place anywhere
Small to Easy Carry

Linkind Wireless Remote Control compact round size (diameter:4.7cm), easy to carry. It is able to stick to any magnetic surface like a fridge door or be mounted on the wall with the bracket included.

2 Ways Set Up
Set Up Without a Hub
  • 01.Step 1: Turn Zigbee lights on.
  • 02.Step 2: Unscrew the battery cover of the remote, remove the plastic partition.
  • 03.Step 3: Press the reset button(behind the cover) and control button at the same time for 3s until the indicator blinks once a second.
  • 04.Step 4: Take it close to the light within 10 cm. The bulb will flash 3 times in pairing mode. Wait for the indicator to be steady on for 3s. Release, then the connection is done.
Set Up With a Hub
  • 01.Step 1: Download Linkind APP in APP Store or Google Play, Create the account and log in.
  • 02.Step 2: Add the Linkind Hub and Linkind Zigbee light separately on the APP.
  • 03.Step 3: Unscrew the battery cover of the remote control and remove the plastic partition. The reset button locates behind the cover.
  • 04.Step 4: Select “Zigbee 1-key Remote” in the device list. Long press the reset button for 3 seconds till the indicator starts flashing. Wait for the remote control to be searched.
  • 05.Step 5: Once the remote is added on the app, tap it to select the light you want to include.
Linkind 1-Key Remote Control more handy than app control
Weight 0.14 lbs
Dimensions 0.94 × 1.69 × 3.27 in

Shipping to EU, Shipping to US

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