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Linkind E27 A60 LED Light Bulb 60W Equivalent Edison Screw Soft White/Cool White Dimmable – 6 Pack


All of Linkind’s A60 LED light bulbs incandescent equivalent 60 watts, which are certified by ERP, RoHS and CE to guarantee world-class quality. A+ Energy Class Rated. Free of UV, lead and mercury. You can use Linkind’s products without any worry. No buzzing, no humming, and no flickering.

With warm white light or cool white, Linkind E27 Edison Screw Bulb perfectly and widely used in the home indoor lighting, hotel, meeting room, offices, hospital, schools, factories and etc.

This value pack of Linkind E27 LED bulb provides vivid and natural color to create an extra warm light effect. Linkind A60 LED light bulbs can last for 15000 hours.


Daylight White
Soft White
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Linkind A60 E27 LED light Bulbs quality
It’s time to replace your old incandescent, halogen and other power-hungry lower grade LED bulbs to enjoy a brighter and more energy friendly space!
Linkind A60 E27 LED light Bulbs your top choice
Linkind A60 E27 LED Light Bulbs will be YOUR TOP CHOICE!

High Quality Light
Embellish the look of any room in your home with Linkind LED light bulbs. These high quality, high-performance LED lights turn on instantly to provide beautifully soft and warm light.

Easy Installation
Instant on, no warm-up time, non-dimmable or dimmable. 200° beam angle. Just screw the light bulbs into fixtures directly. No buzzing, no humming, and no flickering.

Shape A60
Base Type E27
Power 8.2W(non-dimmable), 9W(dimmable)
Equivalent Power 60W
Lighting Output 806lm
Intended Use Indoor
Working Voltage 220-240V AC/50Hz
Color Temperature 5000k(cool white), 2700k(soft white)
Colour Rendering Index (CRI) 80+
Beam Angle 200 degrees
EU Energy Efficiency Label A+
Experience Energy-Saving with Linkind A60 E27 LED Light Bulb
Linkind LED E27 Edison Screw Bulb save energy
Saving Up to 90% Energy

Linkind A60 LED light bulbs to give out the same brightness of 60W or 100W incandescent light bulb, save up to 90% energy. Long life span with 15000 hours, or more than 13 years, reduces the expanse of frequent bulb changes.

Linkind A60 E27 LED light Bulbs color rendering capability
High CRIv

A 80+ CRI means that the color rendering capability of the LED bulb is as close to daylight as possible.

Linkind E14 Golf Ball Bulbs 5W Dimmable
Dimmable 0%-100%

You can choose your preferred brightness in your living room, dinning room or bedroom with dimming capacity ranging from 0%-100%. These bulbs are compatible with most modern dimmers.

Weight 0.57 lbs
Dimensions 4.49 × 6.69 × 4.8 in
Light Temperature

Daylight White, Soft White

Dimmable Function

Dimmable, Non-dimmable


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