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Linkind LED Torch Headlight 1000lm Zoomable Flashlight Waterproof with 4 Modes

Featuring a powerful T6 LED and 2 specially arranged COB LED auxiliary lights, Linkind LED rechargeable headlight provides stronger, brighter and longer-beam main light up to 1000lm, and auxiliary lighting with a much wider 240°beam angle.

Our headlight provides you with 4 lighting modes to perform different tasks in the dark. The features a zoomable lens on the main light, easy to adjust the focus for outdoor searching. The 90° tiltable lamp head allows to you position the beam to the right area.

The lightweight flashlight offers you comfort with an adjustable soft elastic band and balanced weight design. IPX3 waterproof rated, ideal for outdoor camping, hiking, fishing even when it rains or snows. 2 rechargeable lithium batteries and a USB cable included ensure a strong 3000mAh reliable power supply.

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Linkind LED Torch Headlight 1000lm Zoomable Flashlight Waterproof with 4 Modes
Linkind LED Torch Headlight 1000lm Waterproof with 4 Modes
Linkind LED Torch Headlight 1000lm Zoomable Flashlight Waterproof packaging list

3000 mAh High Capacity Rechargeable Headlamp
The headlight comes with 2*18650 rechargeable lithium batteries and 1 USB cable. It can provide you with stable and ultra brightness up to 1000 lumen lasting for 3-10 hours based on the lighting mode you choose.

Highly Flexible to Adjust
The well-designed LED head flashlight allows you to freely adjust the lamp to best suit your purpose. Not only can you adjust the elastic headband to fit your head, change the angle of the light, but you can switch through 4 modes quickly by pressing the top button on the headlamp.

Light Output 1000 lumen
Battery Type 3.7V 18650 1500mAh*2
Light Source 1*T6 LED+2*COB LED
Charging Time 5 hours
Waterproof IPX3
Four Lighting Modes

Simply press the top button to change the modes!

Middle Light(main light turns on): emits focused bright beam, ideal for close-up work, searching a trail, etc.

Side Light(two sides LED lights up): creates auxiliary lighting if you want less brightness.

All Light(3 lights switch-on): gives extra brightness, lighting up the surroundings and the road in front of you.

Strobe(flashing red light): signals for aid in an emergency. Designed to catch the attention of the passers-by when you’re in need of help.

Linkind LED Torch Headlight 1000lm Zoomable Flashlight Waterproof with 4 lighting Modes
Linkind LED Torch Headlight 1000lm Waterproof Wide Beam Angle
240° Wide Beam Angle

With two auxiliary LEDs positioned on a slant and the main light placed in the middle, this powerful LED head lamp forms a so much wider beam angle, activating a long spot beam and a flood beam at the same time. No need to move your head to light up the area in front of you.

Linkind LED Torch Headlight 1000lm Waterproof tiltable lamp head
90° Rotatable Head

The headlight can be rotated 90 degrees up and down, extremely convenient to project the light either to the distance to find a trail, or to the ground where you’re standing for some searching or reading. Save you the trouble to hold a flashlight.

Linkind LED Torch Headlight 1000lm Waterproof Durable
Waterproof & Durable

IPX3 waterproof rated, the rechargeable head light can work normally even on rainy days. Made of high-quality materials, it has a lifespan of 50,000 hours, durable to withstand various harsh conditions in outdoor activities.

Weight 0.72 lbs
Dimensions 3.94 × 4.53 × 4.34 in

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