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Linkind PIR Motion Sensor Compatible with Linkind Hub, Echo, SmartThings Hub

USD $24.99

Linkind Zigbee PIR Motion Sensor wireless motion detector for DIY use with Linkind Home Security System. Monitor the movements in a width of 110°, a range of 16 feet, it will send alerts to Linkind APP or can make your lights turn on automatically when you enter the room.

As the accessory of Linkind Home Security System, it can be equipped with Linkind Siren Hub(in Security Kit) or Linkind Mini Hub to get it to work. So much more to be explored on Linkind APP. Linkind Motion Sensor also work with built-in Zigbee smart home hub derives like can compatible with Alexa Echo(only 4th Gen)/Alexa Echo Plus(1st Gen, 2nd Gen)/Alexa Show (only 2nd Gen)/Alexa Echo Studio. Please note Linkind movement sensor not compatible with other brand hubs.

The sensor features an anti-tamper alert on the APP if intentional removal of the device occurs. 3V replaceable lithium battery is included and has a lifespan of up to 2 years.

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Linkind Zigbee Motion Sensor
Linkind Zigbee Motion Sensor DIY Your Smart Home
Expand Your Security System
(Motion Sensor + Linkind Home Security System)

Already owned a Linkind Home Security Kit? You can add more sensors to every corner that matters. Protect your house and deter intruders with the security system once any motion is detected. Owing to its anti-tamper design, you’ll be notified if unexpected disassembling happens.

Note: Must have a Linkind Hub (may not be compatible with hub from other brands), sold separately.

Linkind PIR Motion Sensor Zigbee Expand Your Security System
Linkind PIR Motion Sensor Zigbee set automatic lighting
Create Automatic Lighting
(Motion Sensor + Linkind Hub+ Linkind Zigbee Smart Lights)

Install the sensor and Zigbee lights (Linkind hub required) in the hallway, garage etc, pair them together on the APP, then you’re able to get the lights auto-on when you walk in, let them shut off automatically when no one is in front. More automation to be expected.

Compatible with Alexa Echo(only 4th Gen)/Alexa Echo Plus (1st Gen, 2nd Gen)/Alexa Show (only 2nd Gen)/Alexa Echo Studio if you don’t have a Linkind Hub.

Note: Recommend have a Linkind Hub (may not be compatible with hub from other brands), sold separately.

Linkind PIR Motion Sensor wide detection range
Wide Detection Range

Linkind Wireless Motion Detector can monitor the movements in a width of 110°, a range of 16 feet(without obstructing objects). Send alerts to Linkind APP and trigger the Siren Hub(SOLD SEPARATELY) to sound deterrent alarm once the motion is detected. PIR(passive infrared) sensor, sense the movement in the field of view but not emit infrared radiation, not disturbing signals around.

Linkind PIR Motion Sensor easy installation
Easy Installation

Linkind motion sensor compact and wireless, small enough to behold on your palm. Come with an anti-tamper bracket that has adhesive tape and support corner mounting. Needed to be placed 8-9 feet off the floor for better detection.

Linkind PIR Motion Sensor Zigbee record presence
Record Unexpected Presence

If paired with Linkind mini hub, you can monitor the status quietly by checking the log on the APP. If connected with Siren Hub, alarm and notification will be triggered as any motion is detected. Connected devices sold separately.
Compatible with Echo Plus/Echo Show(2nd Gen) if you don’t have a Linkind Hub.

Smart Control with Linkind APP & Alexa
Linkind App Control

And Check your daily, weekly and monthly power consumption of appliances plugged in on Linkind App at any time. Get a whole picture of how they work.

Linkind App download from App Store Linkind App download for Android

Voice Control with Alexa

Sengled smart lights and devices are compatible with your existing Linkind Smart Zigbee hub and Amazon Echo devices.

Linkind Smart devices work with amazon Alexa

Wireless Router Connection: No need to use an Ethernet cable to connect it to the router.

zigbee vs Wifi

Hubless or hub required is the key characteristic of different WiFi and Zigbee devices. A hub might be considered as unnecessary when it comes to the convenient setup of a WiFi product. But it gives you a chance to expand your smart range while saving the energy and stop the network from slowing down.

Weight 0.18 lbs
Dimensions 2.2 × 3.4 × 3.2 in

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Stephen Hope
Does Exactly What It Needs

Very easy to install and integrate to Alexa.
Good response times for activating
My only gripe would be that there is no light meter to decide on lightblevela to activate lights. This or a sunset/sunrise feature would be ideal.
However I would recommend this to anyone that is using the linkind ecosystem.