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Linkind Smart WiFi LED Bulb Adjust Color Temp & Brightness No Hub Required – 2 Pack


Linkind Smart WiFi Light Bulb work with Amazon Alexa no Hub required. You can control the color temperature from 2700K soft white light to 6500K cold white light, and color the brightness from 1% to 100%. And share the smart light control to your family or control 2 more bulbs together or pre-set schedule for the light on Linkind APP to fit your needs.

This 9W A19 smart LED bulb is 800 lumens 60W incandescent equivalent. It is only for 2.4 GHz WiFi. 5.8 GHz not supported.

Choose Linkind easiest and fastest to start your smart home with your family!

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SKU: WL1000100-CCT-US-2-W
linkind Smart home system Works with Alexa, Google Home
Linkind Smart LED Bulb No Hub Required
Voice Control Works with Alexa

Linkind WiFi smart bulbs work with Amazon Alexa. You can activate it with a voice to get hands-free. Turn on/off, dim/ brighten the light, change the color temperature by talking to Alexa.

Linkind Smart devices work with amazon Alexa

Linkind Smart WiFi LED Bulb work with alexa
Linkind Smart WiFi LED Bulb control on Linkind app
Control Your Light Anywhere

Linkind Smart LED Bulb is with standard E26 base, easy to set up. No hub required. Download our “Linkind” APP, follow the instructions, then you’re able to control your lights from anywhere.
It is only for 2.4 GHz WiFi. 5.8 GHz not supported.

Linkind App download from App Store Linkind App download for Android

Smart Lighting Color Temp & Brightness

Linkind Smart WiFi Bulb is 9W 800lm, you can adjust the brightness from 1% to 100% and color temperature from soft white 2700K to cold white 6500K to create different “scenes”: gentle, soft, or bright, for dinner, movie watching, reading, etc..

Linkind Smart WiFi LED Bulb dimmable brightness

Linkind Smart WiFi LED Bulb No Hub Required adjust color temp

Shape E26
Power 9 watts
Equivalent Power 60 watts
Light Output 800lm
Color Temperature 2700K to 6500K
CRI >80
Lifespan 15000H
Working Voltage 120V
Light Color Soft White to Cold White
Voice Control Work with Amazon Alexa
Hub No Required
Linkind Smart WiFi LED Bulb home share
Home Share

You can share the control for the smart light bulbs with family members via “Home Share” on Linkind APP(tap the “Home” created);

Linkind Smart WiFi LED Bulb activate devices together
Activate Smart Light Together

On Linkind App, create “room” to control 2 more bulbs together.

Linkind Smart WiFi LED Bulb create scenes
Create Scenes

Let the smart light fit or form your internal clock: wake you up at pre-set time or lights out to encourage you or your kids to go to sleep at a certain time.

Linkind Smart WiFi LED Bulb set schedule
Set Schedule

Make the smart light bulb turn on/off automatically at a preset time. Live an organized life.

FAQ Trouble Shooting

Why I cannot find “Linkind” APP in Google Play Store?

Please tap “search instead for Linkind” below then you’ll see our APP there. Google thought you were searching for another well-know job search brand, and give priority to it to be displayed.

Why I didn’t receive the verification letter for the registration?

1, Please check if you entered the wrong email address during the registration.
2, Check if the mail was stuck in the spam folder.
3, Make sure you have registered on the app instead of the website.

Does the bulb support 2.4 GHz or 5.8 GHz Wi-Fi network?

It only supports 2.4 GHz. 5.8 GHz network not supported.

I failed to get my smart bulb connected to the network, what should I do?

After ensuring the Wi-Fi of your home is 2.4G, we suggest you reset the bulb first:
1, Turn on and off the bulb consecutively for 6 times, turn it on again. It will flash twice.
2, Go to WLAN settings, find the WiFi of the bulb which starts with “SmartLight-**”, delete or forget it.
3, Re-add the bulb on the APP.
If you fail again, don’t worry. It is not necessarily the fault or bug on the product. There are multiple factors that can influence the connection. Please contact our technical team via the contact details shown on the app or the package. We will check it for you.

How can I connect the bulb to Alexa?

You can check the tutorial video on the product page(below) or download the “User Guide” at “Technical Specification”. Or you may follow below steps:
1, Create a Linkind account and set up the device on Linkind APP.
2, Go to Alexa APP, select “SKILLS & GAMES” in the drop-down list by the side, enter “Linkind” to search.
3, Choose the icon “Linkind” displayed, tap “Enable to use”.
4, Fill in your Linkind account, tap “authorize for Alexa”.
Wait for the connection.

Why the app states "No Internet Access" when I select the WiFi of the smart bulb?

The notification is from your phone especially some Android phones instead of our APP. That is because the WiFi of the device does have no access to the Internet. You can tap “Connect” to proceed. Please do not choose “Cancel”.

How can I share the smart light control with family members?

Actually there is a “Home Share” function on the app which enables you to share the control with others. You can follow below steps to share the control:
1, Tap the “Home” you created at the home page, turn to “Home management”;
2, Keep tapping, you’ll see “Home share”.
3, Invite your friend or family by entering their email address, later if your friends don’t have a Linkind account, they can create one with that email address.
4, After sign in, they can tap the “Home” to shift between the one they created and yours.

Please feel free to contact our support team if there is an issue, we will respond to you within 24hrs.
Weight 0.25 lbs
Dimensions 2.6 × 5 × 2.6 in

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