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Linkind Smart Zigbee E14 LED Candle Bulbs 5.4W Dimmable Cool White & Warm White – 2 Pack

Linkind Smart Zigbee E14 LED Candle Bulbs 5.4W equivalent 50W that can shine brightly over your head. You can free to set the ideal brightness and shift between cool and warm. Customize different scenes based on your needs.

Linkind Zigbee E14 candle lamp pair with Linkind hub(REQUIRED but SOLD SEPARATELY), then you’re able to control the lights from anywhere via Linkind APP on your phone or tablet. Linkind smart E14 candelabra bulb can also compatible with Echo Plus/Echo Show(2nd Gen)/HUE Bridge/SmartThings Hub/TRADFRI Gateway, control via voice.

Schedule the lighting, share control with family, activate lights together all can be done. Explore different ways of smart lighting by combine the lights with Linkind accessories, like Linkind Motion Sensors, Door/Window Sensors, and so much more on the way. A hub is needed on the first hand.

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Linkind Smart Home Product Line
Linkind Smart Zigbee E14 LED Candle Bulbs 5.4W Dimmable
Fun, Easy and Stable to Turn on a Light

With Linkind Zigbee Smart Bulbs, no need to get up to physically touch the switch to turn lights on/off. It is a breeze to control the smart lights with a few taps on the cell phone or words with Alexa or Google Assistant.

Linkind Smart devices work with amazon AlexaLinkind Smart devices work with google assistant

A Zigbee Compatible Hub is REQUIRED

This bulb is of Zigbee protocol. The smart features work only when it is paired with a compatible Zigbee Hub: Linkind Zigbee hub, Echo Plus/Echo Show(2nd Gen)/HUE Bridge/SmartThings Hub/TRADFRI Gateway(sold separately).

Easy to set up:(check the tutorial video on the product page)

  • 1, Plug in Linkind Mini hub(sold separately) and the bulbs.
  • 2, Add the hub on Linkind APP first, then the bulbs.
  • 3, Done the connection, free to control the lights via Linkind APP.
Smart Zigbee E14 LED Bulb Specifications
Base E14
Shape C35
Power 5.4 watts
Equivalent Power 50 watt
Light Output 520lm
Beam Angle 270°
WiFi VS. Zigbee

Wifi smart connect VS Zigbee smart connectHubless or hub required is the key characteristic to differ WiFi and Zigbee devices. A hub might be considered unnecessary when it comes to the convenient setup of a WiFi product. But it gives you a chance to expand your smart range while saving energy and stop the network from slowing down.

Linkind Smart Zigbee E14 LED Candle Bulbs Control Lights from Anywhere
Control Lights from Anywhere

Turn on/off the lights, adjust the brightness, change color temperature from warm to cool, all done at your fingertips on “Linkind” APP.

Linkind Smart Zigbee E14 LED Candle Bulbs Voice Control
Voice Control

The smart candle lights are compatible with Alexa. But a Linkind hub is required. Free your hands to focus on something more important.

Linkind Smart Zigbee E14 LED Candle Bulbs Automate your lights
Automate Your Lights

Set your lights with the timer to let them shine or turn off for you automatically at pre-set time.

Linkind Zigbee A19 Smart Bulb Kit expand the smart lighting
Expand Your Smart Lighting

Get a Linkind Mini Hub(sold separately) first, then you find so much more fun, including adding up to 25 candle bulbs in your house, having automatic lighting by combining the lights with Linkind Motion Sensors, Door/Window Sensors.

Linkind Smart WiFi LED Bulb home share
Home Share

You can share the control for the smart light bulbs with family members via “Home Share” on Linkind APP(tap the “Home” created);

Linkind Smart WiFi LED Bulb activate devices together
Activate Smart Light Together

On Linkind App, create “room” to control 2 more bulbs together.

Linkind Smart WiFi LED Bulb create scenes
Create Scenes

Let the smart light fit or form your internal clock: wake you up at pre-set time or lights out to encourage you or your kids to go to sleep at a certain time.

Linkind Smart WiFi LED Bulb set schedule
Set Schedule

Make the smart light bulb turn on/off automatically at a preset time. Live an organized life.

Weight 0.29 lbs
Dimensions 2.33 × 5.56 × 3.55 in

Shipping to EU, Shipping to UK

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Ayman Elbadawi
Bought this for my tech inept mother

After searching the web for well priced and made smart light bulbs that weren't wifi for my mum who has little to no knowledge of smart tech, I was pleasantly delighted to have come across a company like Linkind selling such a wonderful product. She recently got an echo 2nd gen for her birthday and I thought I'd start kitting her place slowly with smart tech to bring her in to the 21st century. I figured I'd start small with a ring doorbell and some smart lights. She hasn't installed the doorbell yet as it needs a professional but she did manage to set the smart lights up... with assistance by me over the phone.
Anyway my point is, the lights were easy for her to set up and to control them with her voice and to set up routines using the alexa app. Would definetely recommend this product for anyone who wants to add to their smart home lighting set up or to begin their journey into setting up their own smart home. I'd say the only comparable products that I've come across are the lidl ones which are just as good.