Water Leak Sensor – 4 Pack (US only)



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【Easy Use】- Ready to work right out of the box. Linkind water detector comes pre-installed with batteries. Simply place on the floor near potential water source. Such as near or under sump pumps, toilets, water heaters, laundry machines.
【High Sensitivity】- The sensors can be identified as the four metal prongs embedded on the buttom of the device. As long as the water flow through the sensor, it immediately makes an alarm sound up to 90 dB, which is loud enough to be heard throughout the whole house. 【APP Alerts (LINKIND HUB REQUIRED)】- Works via Linkind hub to Linkind APP. A Linkind hub is required and sold separately. Requires a secured 2.4G WiFi network connection. Whenever the Linkind water leak sensor detects water, it can send a notification to your phone to remind you the water leakage and flooding. 【Optional Alarm Methods】- Each water leak detector features 4 work modes, which you can selsect in Linkind APP. Mode 1: Not alarming_no LED flashing; Mode 2: Not alarming_LED flashing; Mode 3: Alarming_no LED flashing; Mode 4: Alarming_LED flashing (NOTE: works via Linkind hub to Linkind APP). 【Durable and Replacable Battery】- The water leak sensor is energy efficient and 2 AAA batteries can last up to 3 years under normal usage. It will beep when battery is low. You can change the batteries by unscrewing the 4 screws on the bottom.