AiDot SolarDot™ solution, providing a peace of mind, intelligent and environmental-friendly outdoor solution to user's through the control of lighting and security, based on innovative solar technology and reliable IoT technology, to meet the user's requirement in energy-saving, comfortable and security etc.

Core competence

Always Connected

Fast and stable Bluetooth connection. Thanks to AiDot's. Low Power Mesh technology you can enjoy the full scalability towards all your outdoor living spaces.

Never run out of batteries again

Combine with AiDot's Smart Level Control to automatically switch work mode for different scenarios, extend the battery life of your device to light outdoor space all night.


With the real-time and color-accurate lights that dance in sync with the music rhythm, creating a cozy and lively atmosphere for family gatherings and parties alike.Transform your outdoor space into a vibrant haven for unforgettable moments with friends and loved ones.

Customizable App Controlled Lighting

Elevate your lighting experience with our customizable light display and dedicated app,offering you complete control over your ambiance. Choose from over 20 vibrant presets or explore 16 million colors and DIY to brighten special occasions(BLE Mesh,no Hub needed).

Real-time insight into your energy usage

AiDot's Energy Dashboard gather a lot of valuable info, and make advise to improve the life of the solar system to help you live more sustainably.

Scene application
SolarDot™ + Front yard
SolarDot™ + Side
SolarDot™ + Backyard