Linkind 2 in 1 Solar Outdoor Spot Lights With Waterproof - Warm White, 6 Pack

  • Brighter & Elegant: Unleash breathtaking brilliance and intensified luminance with our revolutionary crystal-cutting technology, transforming objects into captivating displays of vibrant light and color. 

  • Enhanced Solar Charging: Maximize solar energy with our advanced monocrystalline silicon panels, harnessing the sun's power efficiently and sustainably.

  • Dawn-Dusk:Ignite creativity and boost productivity with our 2 brightness modes, perfect for optimizing your space. 

  • Durable & Weatherproof: Experience unrivaled durability and protection against harsh weather conditions with our impressive IP67 rating. 

  • Easy Installation: Enhance usability with our convenient ground insert or wall mount feature for effortless installation.

Adjustable Angles
Unleash the untapped power of the sun with our groundbreaking solar panel design. With its 90-270 degree adjustable angle, experience unparalleled efficiency and authenticity, making it the ultimate choice for a sustainable and reliable power solution.
Brighter & Elegant
Indulge in the mesmerizing enchantment of our state-of-the-art crystal-cutting technology, transcending the boundaries of luminosity and captivating your senses with an unrivaled display of beauty, revolutionizing brilliance and leaving a trail of awe in its wake.
Enhanced solar charging
Elevate your energy game with our advanced monocrystalline silicon solar panels, offering an exceptional conversion rate that unlocks unparalleled efficiency in solar charging. Embrace a greener future and leave a positive imprint on the environment with our sustainable power solution.
2 Brightness Modes
Illuminate your world with unrivaled versatility through our lighting solutions, featuring two dynamic brightness modes:

X1 Low Light for 12 hours

X2 Hight Light for 6 hours

With our dependable and enduring lighting options, conquer any indoor or outdoor escapade with absolute assurance and effortless brilliance.


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