Brighter Light, Brighter Life

Our story began with our engineer, Terry, who finally bought a house for his family in 2019 and decided to create the backyard of his dreams. The yard featured a swimming pool, a lawn, and children happily playing. As night fell, Terry wanted to install lawn spotlights to ensure enjoyable evening for the kids, and of course, a safe one.

However, Terry quickly became frustrated with the complicated wiring and installation process for traditional spotlights, which also posed a tripping hazard for the children. He considered using solar-powered lights for their simplicity and eco-friendliness, but found them too dim. That's when Terry thought: why not design a brighter solar spotlight?

After 10 months of hard work and technical breakthroughs, Linkind's first product was born: an adorable solar spotlight with 200 Lumens of brightness, over five times brighter than other solar lights at the time, capable of illuminating the yard all night long.

Based on outdoor scenarios and a deep understanding of LED lighting optics, Linkind provides brighter patio lighting fixtures to help consumers build their own smart sustainable green patio living system and create a green, clean, safe and bright sustainable lifestyle. the Linkind brand has the best solar lighting technology solutions and the future goal is to become the world's leading solar garden living products supplier, providing consumers with better quality of life and services.

We believe that through continuous exploration and innovation, we can create healthier, safer and more sustainable lifestyles, while contributing to the environment and society. If you too want to have a brighter and better life, you are welcome to choose Linkind's products and explore and create the future with us.

What our customers are saying

I absolutely love these lights! They were much brighter than I expected and lasted well into the night. A couple times I left in the morning around 6:30am and they were just shutting off! Highly recommended!

Roxane M Losey

Love this I got 4 sets for the front of my house. They look great and even on the middle setting are super bright.! They are much brighter than any others in my neighborhood!

Roxane M Losey

Works well and brighter than our previous solar light to shine on our driveway.


Unexpectedly brighter than a typical flood light but with such vibrant colors! Terrific! Easy set up too! Comes with screws and plugs for affixing to walls too.

Roxane M Losey

Very pleased! Much brighter than most solar lights and installation was a breeze. Set them once and they come on the same way the next night and stay on most of the night!

Roxane M Losey

These are awesome! ISuper easy to install and brighter than any other solar light I have tried. I'm very happy with these so far (had for 3 months +).


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