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Matter 1.3 Update: Advanced Support for Smart Home Devices

Matter 1.3 Update: Advanced Support for Smart Home Devices

Posted: May 22, 2024

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Matter 1.3 Update: Advanced Support for Smart Home Devices

The world of smart home technology is evolving rapidly, and Matter 1.3, released by the CSA in May 2024, is here to push the boundaries even further. This latest update introduces advanced support for a range of new devices and improvements designed to enhance your smart home experience. In this article, we'll delve into the significance of Matter 1.3, explore its release history, and uncover the exciting new features it brings to the table.

Matter Release History

Matter 1.0

Matter 1.0 laid the groundwork for a transformative protocol in the smart home industry. This initial release introduced essential support for a variety of devices, paving the way for a more interconnected and streamlined home automation experience. Key features included standardized communication protocols, allowing devices from different manufacturers to operate together seamlessly. Supported devices in this version included lighting systems, smart locks, switches, sensors, bridges, and TVs, establishing a solid foundation for future enhancements.

Matter 1.1

Building on the robust framework of Matter 1.0, Matter 1.1 delivered significant improvements and expanded device compatibility. This version brought enhanced security measures, making smart homes safer and more reliable. It also improved support for "sleepy" devices, such as battery-powered sensors, ensuring they function efficiently without frequent battery replacements. Furthermore, Matter 1.1 included better tooling and support for developers, enabling the creation of more advanced smart home applications. This update also broadened the ecosystem to include more lighting solutions, smart locks, and thermostats.

Matter 1.2

Matter 1.2 marked another significant advancement with features focused on user convenience and device performance. This update introduced improved interoperability, faster response times, and better support for complex automation scenarios. It also expanded compatibility to include major appliances, air quality control systems, and smoke/CO alarms, greatly enhancing the smart home environment. These updates ensured smoother integration across platforms and a more cohesive user experience. For a deeper dive into these enhancements,ou can refer to the article "Matter 1.2 - Advancing the Future of Smart Home Connectivity." 

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Whats New with Matter 1.3

1. New Support for Water and Energy Management Devices

One of the standout features of Matter 1.3 is its new support for water and energy management devices. This addition is a game-changer for smart home ecosystems, allowing homeowners to monitor and control their water and energy usage more efficiently. Users can now set usage limits, receive alerts for unusual consumption patterns, and integrate these devices into broader home automation routines. This not only promotes energy conservation but also helps reduce utility bills.



Energy Management

Seamlessly manage your energy consumption with Matter 1.3, driving savings and reducing environmental impact. Unlock advanced energy reporting features that deliver real-time insights into power usage, voltage, current, and more. Monitor and optimize your energy usage over time, gaining valuable insights to enhance efficiency. Embrace sustainable living and cost savings with smarter energy management.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Transform your smart home with Matter 1.3, enabling seamless integration of electric vehicle charging. Enjoy unparalleled convenience and control over your charging routine with support for Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE). Take command by initiating or pausing charging, adjusting charging rates, or setting specific departure targets. Maximize cost savings and minimize environmental footprint with optimized charging processes, ensuring efficient and eco-friendly electric vehicle utilization.

Water Management

Elevate your smart home's water management capabilities with Matter 1.3. Safeguard your property and promote efficient water usage with support for leak detectors, freeze sensors, rain sensors, and controllable water valves. Monitor and manage water usage effectively, preventing damage and minimizing waste. Enhance safety and sustainability in your smart home ecosystem while enjoying peace of mind and environmental responsibility.


2. New Major Appliance Types

Matter 1.3 expands its support to include several major appliance types, further enhancing the versatility of smart home systems.

Appliance Type


Microwave Ovens

Enjoy seamless integration of microwave ovens into your smart home network with Matter 1.3. Gain control over cooking times, power levels, and operation modes from anywhere. Receive timely notifications for cycle completion, and effortlessly manage extractor fan and light settings.


Discover precise control over built-in, stand-alone, or range ovens with Matter 1.3. Customize cooking experiences with individual compartment control and select from a range of operational modes. Stay informed with notifications for preheating and temperature adjustments.


Elevate your cooking experience with Matter 1.3's support for cooktops. Enjoy remote access and effortless temperature regulation for each element, ensuring optimal cooking results every time.

Extractor Hoods

Seamlessly integrate cooktop hoods with Matter 1.3, offering convenient control over light and fan settings. Stay ahead of maintenance with notifications for filter status and receive alerts for end-of-life filter materials like HEPA filters.

Laundry Dryers

Complete your laundry routine with Matter 1.3's support for dryers. Set drying modes and temperatures with ease, and remotely initiate or stop drying cycles. Receive notifications for cycle completion and stay informed about any error states.


3. New Improvements

Matter 1.3 doesn't stop at new device support; it also brings several improvements that enhance the overall user experience.

User Experience Improvements

Enhance your smart home experience with Matter's latest user interface improvements, designed to boost user satisfaction and streamline home automation. With the introduction of Scenes, users can now effortlessly create personalized settings for their smart devices, optimizing convenience and efficiency. Additionally, Command Batching reduces delays by consolidating multiple commands into a single message, ensuring smooth and synchronized device control. Whether you're a tech enthusiast or a casual user, these enhancements offer seamless customization options and robust automation features, enhancing your smart home lifestyle.

Improved Network Commissioning and Device Compatibility

Matter 1.3 introduces enhanced network commissioning capabilities, facilitating seamless setup and connectivity for a wide range of devices. With mandatory support for Wi-Fi directed scan and improved error reporting, setup success is maximized, ensuring a smooth user experience. Additionally, extended beaconing periods provide users with ample time to commission their devices, further enhancing compatibility and ease of use. With cluster revisions and automatic SDK XML cluster description tools, Matter 1.3 promotes interoperability and consistency, optimizing compatibility across devices and platforms.



Matter 1.3, released by the CSA in May 2024, revolutionizes the smart home landscape with its advanced support for a wide array of devices and user experience enhancements. From energy management to electric vehicle charging and water management, Matter 1.3 empowers users to take control of their homes with unprecedented convenience and efficiency. With streamlined setup processes, enhanced compatibility, and a focus on innovation, Matter 1.3 heralds a future where connectivity and sustainability converge to enrich our lives. Embrace the possibilities of smart home technology with Matter 1.3 and step into a world of smarter, more connected living.


FAQs about Matter 1.3

Q1: What is the Matter protocol?

The Matter protocol is an innovative, industry-standard framework aimed at enhancing compatibility and communication among smart home devices from various brands. It fosters seamless integration and collaboration, empowering users with a unified smart home experience.

Q2: How does Matter 1.3 improve energy management in smart homes?

Matter 1.3 brings groundbreaking support for water and energy management devices, enabling users to efficiently monitor and regulate their energy consumption. With features like real-time data tracking, usage limit settings, and anomaly alerts, Matter 1.3 revolutionizes energy management for sustainable living and cost efficiency.

Q3: Are there any new security features in Matter 1.3?

While Matter 1.3 primarily focuses on expanding device compatibility and enhancing user experience, it also prioritizes security. Building upon earlier versions, Matter 1.3 includes advanced security enhancements to safeguard users' privacy and data integrity, ensuring a secure smart home environment.

Q4: How can I update my devices to Matter 1.3?

Updating to Matter 1.3 is a straightforward process that involves downloading firmware updates provided by your device manufacturer. Ensure compatibility with Matter 1.3 and follow the manufacturer's guidelines for seamless updates, unlocking the latest features and optimizations for your smart home devices.