Linkind E12 Candelabra Led Bulbs

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Top Features

  • Smooth Dimming: Linkind E12 Candelabra Led bulbs offer seamless dimming from 10% to 100%, compatible with most dimmers. UL Listed and FCC certified for quality.
  • Energy Efficient: Equivalent to 60W incandescent bulbs, these LED candle lights reduce electricity usage by 85%, with a 15,000-hour lifespan.
  • Exceptional Illumination: Emitting 500 lumens of soft white light at 2700k, these bulbs provide flicker-free and glare-free illumination.
  • Vintage Style, Superior Quality: Featuring an E12 LED bulb base, these bulbs offer vivid color rendering with CRI80+ and a 320-degree beam angle.
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Linkind E12 Candelabra Led Bulbs
linkind candelabra led bulbs

Experience superior lighting

With a warm 2700K Color Temperature, these bulbs create a cozy ambiance in any room. Equivalent to traditional 60W bulbs, they deliver a bright 500lm output while consuming less energy. Engineered with an E12 Base Type and an expansive 320° Beam Angle, they ensure widespread and even illumination. Plus, with a remarkable 15,000-hour Lifespan, these led light bulbs offer long-lasting performance, making them an ideal choice for both residential and commercial settings.


Color Accuracy and Vividness

Boasting a remarkable CRI80+ for exceptional color accuracy and vividness. Unlike bulbs with lower CRI ratings like CRI60+ or CRI70+, these bulbs ensure vibrant and lifelike lighting, elevating the ambiance of any room. Illuminate your space with confidence using Linkind E12 Candelabra LED Bulbs.

Experience cost-effective illumination

Experience cost-effective illumination

Designed for energy efficiency and longevity with a remarkable 15000-hour Lifespan. Equivalent to traditional 60W bulbs, they provide ample brightness while saving up to 90% on your electricity bill.

brightness levels from 10% to 100%

Customizable Brightness Levels

Offering customizable brightness levels from 10% to 100%. These led light bulbs provide versatile lighting options to suit any mood or occasion, ensuring optimal illumination at every level.

  • Brand
  • Special Feature
    Ceiling fan light bulbs, E12 screw base, B11 candelabra light bulb, dimmable 2700K soft white, 4.5 watts LED (equivalent to 60W incandescent), 500 lumens, low heat output candle bulb shape, no buzzing, no flickering, high transparency, long lifespan, chandelier light bulbs
  • Wattage
    4.5 watts
  • Color Temperature
    2700 Kelvin
  • Brightness
    500 lumens
  • Bulb Shape Size
  • Bulb Base
  • Incandescent Equivalent Wattage
    60 watts
  • Beam Angle
    320 degrees
  • Are these bulbs dimmable?

    Yes, you can dim the light bulbs with dimmer switches and adjust brightness ranging from 10%-100% smoothly.
  • Are these light bulbs flickering?

    No. The flickering is mainly caused by the incompatibility between the bulbs and dimmer switches. Linkind dimmable bulbs have been fully tested with most switches available on the market.
  • Can these bulbs be installed totally enclosed lighting fixtures?

    Yes, they can be installed in totally enclosed lighting fixtures.
  • Can these bulbs work with 3-way dimmer switch?

    No, the 3-way dimmer switch or 3-way touch lamp may cause flickering, so we don't suggest using the 3-way dimmer switch.

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