Linkind StarRay Solar Spotlight



Top Features

  • Bright Lights with Vibrant Colors : The vibrant multicolored lights can be used in fixed color mode or color cycling mode, allowing you to achieve the perfect effect for any occasion.

  • Maximum Convenience with Unmatched Flexibility : StarRay isn’t limited to just vertical adjustments, the innovative design allows 90° of vertical and 180° of horizontal flexibility for optimizing sun exposure and precise lighting. 

  • Stays Powered with Advanced Solar Charging : Features a solar panel 48% larger than that of similar products utilizing industry-leading PET laminated monocrystalline silicon construction. It boasts an energy conversion rate of up to 30%—far exceeding traditional panels.

  • Reliable and Easy to Install: Designed for hassle-free installation, Linkind StarRay Solar Spotlight does not require complicated wiring or a meticulous setup. Whether installing in the the ground or mounting on a wall, the whole process takes mere moments. 

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Linkind StarRay Solar Spotlight
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Solar Spot Lights Outdoor
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Solar Outdoor Lights
Solar Spot Lights Outdoor
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IP67 Waterproof

IP67 Waterproof & Adjustable Solar Panel

Crafted from premium ABS material and boasting an IP67 waterproof rating, Linkind landscape spotlight offers unparalleled durability to withstand extreme weather conditions. Enjoy effortless customization with adjustable lights and solar panel, offering flexibility up to 180 degrees horizontally and 90 degrees vertically

2-1 Wireless Installation

2-1 Wireless Installation

Elevate your outdoor decor effortlessly with our vibrant multicolored solar spotlights. Designed for easy installation, you can stake them into the ground or mount them on the wall. Perfect for illuminating trees, gardens, flowers, walls, and homes during festive gatherings and celebrations.

Why choose Linkind

We offer a vibrant spectrum of 8 fixed colors and a dynamic color cycling option, ensuring versatility for any occasion. With a robust IP67 waterproof rating, linkind solar lights are built to withstand the elements, providing reliable illumination in any weather. Enjoy customizable lighting angles with a wide 90-degree beam angle and adjustable angles of up to 180 degrees horizontally and 90 degrees vertically. Plus, with extended working times of up to 12 hours in fixed color mode and 6-12 hours in color cycling mode, these solar spotlights will illuminate your outdoor space well into the night.

  • Brand
  • Color
  • Material
  • Style
  • Product Dimensions
    2.36"L x 1.97"W x 3.94"H
  • Specific Uses For Product
    ‎‎‎‎Pathway, Patio
  • Special Feature
    ‎Solar Spot Lights Outdoor Waterproof IP67. The solar lights Max Working Time: 12hrs (low brightness), 6hrs (high brightness). Sloar Powerd Dusk to dawn Auto ON/OFF. Adjustable Angle: Horizontal 180 degree, vertical 90 degree.
  • Number of Light Sources
  • Item Weight
    ‎3.7 Pounds
  • Where should I position my outdoor solar lights

    1. Position it in a place with a lot of natural sun light. 2. Make sure to not install it near other night-light devices as it has inbuilt sensors that detect light and dawn.
  • Why does my light not work

    1. Make sure the light is turned on before use. 2. If you intend to have the light on during the day, make sure to cover the solar panel with an opaque object. 3. Another possibility is the battery is out of power meaning you need to charge the device under direct sunlight.
  • Why is my lighting time so short

    1. The working time entirely depends on the size and type of the solar panel, and the intensity of the sunlight, geographical location, season and charging time. 2. The more power it charges with during the day, the longer it will last. 3. Please keep in mind the battery will not charge fully during rainy, cloudy and snowy weather.
  • Why is the light not bright

    When the battery is in low power state, the light will not be bright.

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