Linkind Smart Solar Pathway Outdoor Lights SP5

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Top Features

  • Wide angle & super bright:  Illuminating your world with wide-angle, super bright light  of 250 lumens that will leave you in awe.

  • Multiple control modes: effortlessly manage your devices through the Aidot app or Voice control (hub required) and revel in the convenience.

  • Multicolor:Customizable color temperature and 16 million RGB options to set the perfect mood.

  • Multiple modes:Experience the best of both worlds with Sunlight and Motion modes with perfect for any mood!

  • Durable & Weatherproof: The IP65 rating showcases the product's impressive resilience against tough weather.

  • Motion activated: the light automatically turns on once motion is detected within 26 feet

  • Easy Installation: The ground insert feature adds convenience to the product's usability.

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Powered by the sun
The perfect solution for keeping your walkway illuminated all night long without costing a fortune. With its impressive 1800mAh battery, you'll enjoy energy savings while keeping your home beautifully lit until dawn.
Super Wide Angle with longer distance
The Linkind Smart Solar Wall Light is the ultimate lighting solution for your home's exterior. Its high-performance motion sensor can detect movement up to 8m away and automatically turn on the lights, keeping your home safe and secure. Upgrade to the best lighting solution available today and enjoy peace of mind!
Enhancing Your Lighting Experience
Unleash Your Inner Designer with Our Customizable App-Controlled Lighting System, Giving You Unprecedented Control Over Your Environmentand and discoving a New Level of Lighting Freedom.
Enrich Outdoor Entertainment
Experience the true magic of outdoor entertainment with the captivating allure of real-time, color-accurate lights that move and groove in perfect harmony with the music. Set the scene for an unforgettable gathering with loved ones, as the cozy yet lively atmosphere transforms your outdoor space into a vibrant haven for cherished memories.
Enhanced Solar Charging
Upgrade to a powerful and sustainable energy source with our monocrystalline silicon solar panels. Featuring a higher conversion rate, experience more efficient solar charging and make a positive impact on the environment.

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