Linkind Smart Solar Spotlight SL5

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Top Features

  • Group Control: The world's first solar spotlight with wireless capabilities to offer smart group control functionality.

  • Multiple Convenient App Functions: Control smart spotlights with the AiDot App. Adjust color, temperature, brightness, and use group control, music sync, and energy-saving features.

  • Music Sync & Preset Scenes: Sync RGBTW smart solar lights with music by granting microphone permission. Customize effects, preset scenes, or choose from 16 million colors to enhance your outdoor ambiance.

  • Three Optional Lighting Modes: Linkind solar lights feature 3 modes: Motion for safety and efficiency, Luminance for automatic dusk-to-dawn lighting, and Continuous for constant illumination.

  • Enhanced Lighting & Easy Installation: Linkind solar spotlights are adaptable for ground or wall mounting, with 360° horizontal and 180° vertical adjustability.



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The World's First Solar Spotlight with Wireless Control

motion detection
Motion Detection
Luminance Detection
Luminance Detection
Light Mode
Light Mode
Motion Detection
Luminance Detection
Light Mode
Ground Insert

Ground Insert

Ensure seamless control of your lights by keeping your phone and the light within 98 feet in open areas, with Bluetooth enabled on your phone. Excitingly, with the imminent hub release, the control range can extend up to 40 meters, offering even more flexibility and convenience. Remember, after setting your desired scenes via the phone, avoid pressing the red button on the lights to prevent them from reverting to daylight mode. Enjoy effortless illumination management with our innovative technology.

Wall Mount

Installs Effortlessly

Installing yard spotlights has typically required wiring from a power source and between each light, as well as meticulous planning to make sure the distance wasn’t too far to get full power to the lights at the end of the chain. This introduced concerns about fragile wires and poorly sealed control boxes. SL5 eliminates all of this as a plug-and-play solution that just works right out of the box. Multiple SL5s can maintain communication with a distance of up to 40 meters between lights, allowing group control even when there’s a gap between them.

Garden Lighting

Garden Lighting

Whether it's for festive celebrations or leisurely gatherings, these versatile lights offer the perfect ambiance. With the ability to switch between warm white, daylight, and multicolor, you can effortlessly create various atmospheres to suit every occasion. Illuminate your garden pathways, highlight your favorite landscape features, or set the stage for memorable outdoor events. Linkind Smart Solar Lights Outdoor are not just lighting solutions; they're transformative accents that elevate your outdoor space to new heights of beauty and functionality. Explore the endless possibilities and infuse your garden with enchanting radiance.

lawn and garden

Lawn and Garden

Illuminate your outdoor haven with our captivating garden lighting solutions, designed to create a rich rainbow gradient effect and enhance the versatility of your garden landscape. Picture a row of vibrant flowers in your yard, each petal bathed in a mesmerizing array of colors, casting a soft, inviting glow that highlights the natural elegance of your garden. With effortless installation and durable construction, our lights seamlessly blend into your outdoor landscape, transforming it into a captivating oasis.

Linkind Solar Lights VS Other Brands

Linkind Solar Lights VS Other Brands

Experience the unmatched innovation of Linkind solar lights compared to other brands. With Linkind, enjoy the freedom of wireless installation, 43 vibrant presets, and advanced RGBTW technology for dynamic lighting effects. Benefit from convenient group control, precision motion detection, and versatile light modes for tailored illumination. Unlike other brands, Linkind's superior design features monocrystalline silicon PET lamination for enhanced durability and performance. Elevate your outdoor lighting experience with Linkind's state-of-the-art solar lights, setting a new standard in reliability, functionality, and style.

  • Brand
  • Color
  • Material
    high-impact ABS Plastic & 1.5W monocrystalline silicon PET laminated panel
  • Style
    ‎Unique & Smart Solar Landscape Lights
  • Product Dimensions
    ‎‎12.9"L x 6.85"W x 4.6"H
  • Specific Uses For Product
    ‎‎‎Linkind solar lights Suitable for your yard, which are widely used greatly for garden, pathway, lawn, fences, wall, yard, stairs, patio, garage, pool, front door, porch, balcony, walkway, driveway, camping, Tree, flag
  • Special Feature
    Energy Saving, Sync with Music, APP Control, 3 Lighting Modes, Motion Sensor
  • Number of Light Sources
  • Wattage
    ‎3 watts
  • Why does my light not work

    1. Make sure the light is turned on before use. 2. If you intend to have the light on during the day, make sure to cover the solar panel with an opaque object. 3. Another possibility is the battery is out of power meaning you need to charge the device under direct sunlight.
  • Why can’t my light connect to the AiDot app

    1. Keep your phone and light no more than 98ft (in open area) away. 2.Make sure your phone's Bluetooth is turned on. 3.Reset the light. Long press the red button of the light for 5s until the light enter warm light/cool light cycle, and then add the light to APP. 4.If the above steps don't resolve the issue, please contact us for assistance.
  • Why does my light sometimes automatically turn off

    1.Please confirm whether the WORK MODE setting is in the “turn off” state. 2.Please confirm if the light has insufficient battery power. 3.If there's no activity on the app for 30 seconds outside of the scheduled time for the light to automatically turn on, it will automatically turn off.
  • How to power off

    Press and hold the button for 1.5-5 seconds, the light will dim and then let it go, the light will shut down completely. The light will never light up unless you use the button to wake it up again.

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