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  1. Solar Spot Lights: Shining Your World

    Solar Spot Lights: Shining Your World

    Bright powered solar spot lights give a ravishing look to the entire setting, be it a garden or other outdoor area. The outdoor solar spot lights are environment-friendly, economical, and cast bright and powerful light by creating an exciting location. The solar spot lights produce functional lighting from flags, security areas, minor signs, and landscape lighting and are highly weather-resistant.

    The solar lights only require 6-8 hours of direct sunlight to be fully charged. They are highly durable and light up your yard without making much effort. Do you want to know more? Then, let’s discuss solar spot lights in a bit more detail. This article will reflect on the working principles of solar spot lights and enlighten you on how to select the best solar lights for yourself.


    Working Principles o

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  2. All You Need to Know about Solar Lights

    All You Need to Know about Solar Lights

    Solar lights have been one of the best things to happen to light in recent years. They are entirely powered by the sun. They will receive an abundant amount of natural light and stay lit for hours without requiring any additional energy or power source. You can find them in many different shapes and sizes, offer many other options for mounting, and have many different models available from a wide range of manufacturers. After reading this article, you should make some informed decisions and choose the best solar lights for your home or business.


    How Do Solar Lights work?
    Solar lights are a great way to add energy efficiency, security, and beauty to your outdoor living spaces. When you think about how they work, it’s easy to see w

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  3. RGB Lights: Mixture of Red, Green And Blue

    RGB Lights: Mixture of Red, Green And Blue

    RGB lights are the next significant step in light bulb development and advancement since, for a while now, it has opened the doors to many lightning possibilities that were unheard of previously. RGB lights can be defined as energy-saver and long-lasting tiny solid bulbs. Compared to other bulbs and lighting systems, RGB technology offers several unique benefits. This includes a much longer lifespan, reduced energy usage, cheaper maintenance costs, and increased safety. Furthermore, they outperform incandescent, halogen, energy-saving bulbs, and all the other types of bulbs.


    What Are RGB Lights ?

    RGB lights use a red, green, and blue diode to emit light. The three diodes are blended in various intensities to give a wide range of colors. Still, the method relies on additive color mixing,

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  4. Solar LED Lights – Best Selection of Solar Lights

    Solar LED Lights – Best Selection of Solar Lights

    Solar LED lights are incredibly efficient, just like conventional solar power, but solar power LED lights are completely off-grid and use battery technology.Solar-powered LED street lights generally work by absorbing solar energy, but it doesn’t stop there. These street lights are powered by photovoltaic cells that absorb solar energy throughout the day. These cells finally convert solar energy into useful electricity to light the night lamps. This cycle repeats every day, providing the street lamp with a source of energy as long as the sun is shining.

    Photovoltaic technology, which allows solar cells to convert sunlight into usable electrical energy, is used in solar LED street lighting. Negatively charged electrons channel solar energy into positively charged areas of cells. During this process, solar energy is transferred into electrons, res

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  5. How Much Do You Know about RGBW ?

    How Much Do You Know about RGBW ?


    RGBW is a kind of  technology of  sub pixel rendering, it consists of four subpixels including red, green, blue and white. RGBW strips are very similar to regular RGB strips. They have all the elements of RGB strips. The only difference is that they have an additional white LED light on top of the three LED lights, red, blue, and green. This implies that the LED chips in RGBW strips contain four different colored LEDs. Adding white LED instead of mixing the three colors to produce the white strips is because they can be slightly inconsistent. To come up with white light requires the same ratio for red, blue, and green light which can be challenging to achieve in a singular LED chip due to the uneven distribution of colors. This is why RGBW strips were created with the additional white LEDs because regular RGB strips are not great at producing excellent white light.


    What is

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  6. AiDot Announces release New Products and App Upgrades to Support Matter standard

    AiDot Announces release New Products and App Upgrades to Support Matter standard


    AiDot smart home, a smart home ecosystem brand, announced its commitment to support the Matter smart home standard, AiDot also announced that for the Matter standard, AiDot will launch several new products and APP upgrades.


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